Let’s get this started…

Sometimes in life things appear just at the right moment, when you’re looking for something but not quite sure what it is…

This past year I was lucky enough to be a part of an amazing network of women with ‘Womentum’ (http://www.gainingwomentum.com/). During the course of the year I was very inspired by the stories these women told, about their successes, their perseverance in difficult situations and how genuine and kind they all are.  It was at a point in the spring when Womentum held a screening of the movie ‘MISSrepresentation.’ It really drove home the notion of role models, specifically focusing on role models for young girls and women (and how there are not as many positive ones out there that we’d hope to see). It struck me how lucky I was to grow up with various role models in my life…my parents, my brother, my friends in both sport and outside of sport (and who I’m lucky to say a lot of them I am still friends with today, 10-15 years later), swimmers like Joanna Malar (who, growing up a lot of us younger female swimmers wanted to be like!) and some of the older female swimmers on my team who took me under their wing which I think ultimately helped me become the person I am today.

It was a combination of seeing the movie and thinking about how the role models in my life inspire me everyday that lead me to create this blog. I shared this goal with others – by saying goals out loud I find your more inclined to forge ahead with the steps to achieving them. I won’t lie, I did get a little sidetracked from starting this blog but I’m happy I had someone remind me of the goal, keeping me accountable. I can’t thank them enough for giving me that little nudge since as you can see now, I’m off and running.

What I hope to share on this blog are stories about people, places or things which are inspiring me in my life…I may come across them in different ways but I hope my words may give you that little nudge you need towards achieving a goal or a dream you have.  Maybe it could be one of these ‘everyday inspirations’ that helps you on your path towards realizing your dreams…

Until next time…



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