Are you ready to rock 2013?

So here we are, a New Year already, I can hardly believe it!

With a New Year comes the usual ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ where we try to do things differently, break bad habits or try something new.  Well, I’ve found that while making these resolutions with good intentions, after a few weeks most of our good intentions fizzle out.

This year, I’m making GOALS. Goals that are measureable, specific and attainable – goals that will help me move FORWARD in 2013. I’m not going to just keep these goals to myself, I’m going to write them down and say them outloud. I’m going to match each goal with a person in my life who I admire and look up to, tell them what my goal is and see how they may be able to help AND ask them to keep me accountable.  This is my plan for moving towards my best self in 2013 and for the future.

I wrote down my first goal of 2013 in my calendar on January 1st and put a due date on it of today – the goal: to write a new entry in my blog, sharing my core goals for this year, so, here goes…

1)      Keep my blog up to date: I started this blog with ‘good intentions’ in November 2012 and if you’re reading this right now, you can see this is just my second entry.  I want to post new content weekly and start sharing ‘everyday inspirations.’  This will be ongoing but I hope that as more of you read this blog, you will keep me accountable to posting new content each week.

2)      Desire Map Program:  The Desire Map is a new book by Danielle Laporte and it’s a holistic approach to help plan your life. ‘It guides you to identify your core desired feelings, and to use those feelings as the drivers of what you want to do, have and experience in your life.’ I’m well into reading this book and utilizing all of the amazing online tools to identify my core desired feelings. My goal is to complete this program in hopes that it will help guide all of my goal setting for this year and beyond. There are a group of women also completing this program and I hope that they will keep me accountable to this goal.  I want to have this program completed by April 12th.

3)      Office Space: I have an ‘office’ in my house which I share with my husband but it’s become a bit of a ‘dumping ground’ room. Where paper, books or really anything goes that I want to keep or don’t actually know what I want to do with at the moment. It’s become a place where I don’t want to go. My goal is to create a space where I WANT to go – to write; to work on my Stella & Dot business; to create an idea-board; to read…and the list could go on. I want to complete this by April 30th.  I know my husband shares this goal with me and will be asking him to help with this project so we can keep each other accountable. I’ll share the progress on this room as well.

4)      Volunteering: I really enjoy giving back to the community in various ways. This year I’m going to seek out 4 events and/or opportunities where I can volunteer my time to causes I am passionate about. I will document on this blog the different volunteer experiences I have, thus, keeping myself accountable. I want to achieve this by December 31st.

5)      New Recipes: I absolutely LOVE to cook and bake. I love the feeling of creating and learning a new recipe in the kitchen. I also have a lot of cookbooks and numerous recipes pinned and saved which I have yet to attempt to make. Each week I’m going to pick a new recipe and make it. It can be a main, a dessert or even an appetizer – either way, I’m going to learn to cook or bake something new each week. I want to achieve this goal each week that goes by and I will share my favourite recipes on this blog – perhaps it will inspire you to create something new in your kitchen too!  My family and friends also share this love of cooking; they are people I look up to and I will involve in achieving this goal.

Now that I have put these goals out there, they are real and ready for me to go for it! I am ready to rock 2013 and hope you are too!

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “Are you ready to rock 2013?

  1. Jess, you have no idea how pleased, excited, thrilled (whatever other word fits that description!) to see this. Thank you for sharing, looking forward to more juicy, authentic stuff from you!

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