A New Recipe for a New Year

I wanted to kick-off a start to achieving my new year’s goals with a new recipe. I absolutely LOVE to cook and bake and I was lucky TS1enough at Christmas to receive a plethora of new cookbooks.  This weekend with the colder temperatures I decided to delve into a recipe that is by far one of my FAVOURITE winter meals – Tomato Soup.  I browsed through a few of my cookbooks and decided upon Barefoot Contessa’s ‘easy tomato soup & grilled cheese croutons’ from her new ‘Foolproof’ cookbook.  This recipe had me at ‘grilled cheese croutons’….

What I liked about this recipe from the start was there wasn’t a ton of ingredients, it was fairly simple and straightforward.  As I started to cook, I got more and more excited for the final product – one, because the aromas from the pot on my stove were unreal (and two because I was very hungry!)

TS2For me, I find learning a new recipe such a wonderful experience – how magically the ingredients come together in such a delicious way and all of the new aromas that fill up your kitchen. It turned out to be such a nice little Saturday and the final product did not disappoint – the Tomato Soup was to-die-for and the grilled cheese croutons pushed it over the edge. I HIGHLY  recommend making a few extra grilled cheese croutons as while they are perfect as a garnish on top of the soup they are PERFECT to dip into the soup too.

If you ever get the urge for a home-cooked, warms-your-soul bowl of soup, I highly recommend trying this one from Barefoot Contessa’s book ‘Foolproof’ – you can find the recipe on Food Network’s website by clicking here. I hope you enjoy the cooking experience and the delicious soup as much as I did!

Until next time…


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