Getting back on track

Well, I’ve been a bit delinquent with my blog the past 2 weeks as well as with my goals.  Plain and simple, ‘life’ in general got in my way and sidetracked me.

However, I took a read over my goals again to refresh myself and get back on my goal-train.  Being that it’s almost the end of January (which I cannot even believe?!) here’s a little update on some of my goals thus far…

On my blog…well as I just mentioned above, I definitely was diverted off the written path these past two weeks but now I’m back, ready to get back to writing here each week.

On my new recipes per week…this has been going very well. My husband and I have been finding new recipes each week and continue to make a new one each week. A new favourite meal which we made last week for dinner was this scrumptious ‘toasted coconut tilapia with pomegranate salsa’ courtesy of one of my FAVOURITE blogs, how sweet it is – all of the ingredients called to me and the recipe didn’t disappoint, it was pretty simple to make and we paired it with a simple spinach salad with a pomegranate vinaigrette (which I just sort of threw together in the kitchen with pomegranate juice, red wine vinegar, honey, mustard, olive oil and salt/pepper). Here are a few pics of our adventure in the kitchen:




On the Desire Map program…I’ve been reading and listening to the book, following along with the steps and emails each week. Thus far I’ve found it very empowering and has started to help me truly define how I want to feel moving forward, then set goals based on those feelings – I would HIGHLY recommend checking out this book.

My focus next month is to continue working on the above goals and start looking closely at volunteer opportunities and tackling the office space.  I find inspiration in seeing other achieve goals and dreams, maybe you do too – this last week I’ve seen a few take place, right in front of my eyes and that has set a fire in me to get back on track – if you can, use some outside sources to motivate you if you need a little push and see what the next month has to offer!

Until next time,


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