A ‘Book-ful’ of Inspiration…

As I started my forage into our ‘home office’ (or what I’d like to call our room full of stuff that pretends to be our office) to start packing things up or throwing items out before starting my office reno, I came across my ‘everyday inspirations’ binder I had started a few years ago.  This binder was also one of the sparks that helped me to start writing this blog.

I still love to read the paper, read magazines – I like to have the pages in my hands and look at the words on paper rather than read on my iPad. I find that as much as I love the access we have to newspapers, magazines, books etc online now because I spend a lot of time on my computer for my day job the last thing I want to do is come home and read something else on a screen.  But I digress…

My ‘everyday inspirations’ binder contains pages I’ve torn out of magazines or newspapers when I find articles about anything and everything that might inspire me one day — home design & décor, gift creations, fashion, books, travel, health and beauty.  While I do LOVE Pinterest, I also LOVE having this binder full of ideas that I can go to for inspiration.

Here’s a little look at my creation:

I realized I have a few versions of this sort of book that I keep around – one of them is this wonderful Moleskine notebook which I use when I travel to simply brainstorm on different ideas or just write down my thoughts.  I also love my Kate Spade Tudor City Debra Organizer – I still quite enjoy keeping my calendar on paper, being able to write notes or start to-do lists AND I can shove in any little piece of paper or picture inspiration I may find.

I really love being creative in these different ways and saving up ideas for the future…you never know when you may need a little ‘everyday inspiration.’

Until next time…


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