It’s April 1st?!?!

Well, where to has the time gone…all of a sudden it is April 1st and I realized as this month flew by, I did not keep up with my weekly musings.  So I give you, my month in pictures…

Cinnamon BunsIt seems one of the themes for March was ‘trying new things,’ especially when it came to baking and cooking. I ventured into a recipe which involved making dough which I have never done before and can I just say that quick-rising yeast is genius – case in point, these delicious (and the LooneySpoons cookbook recipe is a ‘healthier’ version to boot!).  I highly recommend The LooneySpoons Collection (can be found at Chapters) – SO many delicious and easy (and nutritious!) recipes.

SpringI found myself craving true, Spring weather this month and what a better way to bring Spring into the house in March than fresh flowers. I enjoy having flowers in my house and I tend to pick up a bouquet each Sunday when I’m out and about – I love the colour and life they bring.

Another culinary adventure was had when I bought my very first Le Creuset pot. I have been saving for months and the culinary gods were looking out for me when I was able to find one ON SALE. Needless to say, I had to cook up something delicious…we hosted a little dinner party and cooked up a recipe from The Newlywed Cookbook – Big-Flavour Braised Short Ribs. Mmmmmm… (would also recommend this cookbook for a fresh take on recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides & desserts).


Office InspirationLast but not least, I took some time to plan and start buying pieces for my new office space at home. I found this magazine clipping from a while back in my Everyday Inspirations binder (link to blog post) and the colours just spoke to me – can’t wait to share how the office space develops. Here is my Pinterest board for office idea-inspiration (

Until next time…


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