Happy New Year – let sparks fly!

ImageI started off my New Year by surrounding myself with outdoor beauty – at Panorama in beautiful British Columbia. I had already spend a blissful and relaxing week at a cabin, so to top it off we went cross country skiing on New Years Day.  It felt amazing to be outside, surrounded by the mountains and sunshine, the brilliant white snow and breathing in the glorious fresh air.





Sparks FlyI took the time while skiing to think about how I wanted to FEEL in 2014.  This past year I read and took part in the wonderful book The Desire Map (A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul) by Danielle Laporte.  One of my most fruitful learning’s from the book was when I felt lost or overwhelmed, was to come back to my Core Desired Feelings which would reset me and put me back on track. I post these in my office on my whiteboard so I’m always reminded of them too.  For 2014 words like, Creative – Healthy – Inspired – Productive – Abundance – Joy – Simplicity, came to me…while my list is still a work in progress for the next few days, I know I’m ready for sparks to fly for me this year!

How do you want to feel in 2014?!

Until next time,



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